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Embroidered Jute Bag

From the moment I saw these tote bags from Muji, I knew I wanted to customize them with some embroidery! Given that they are $2.90-$4.90 (depending on which size you want) and that they have a lining to stiffen the bag, they are perfect for adding a personal touch without needing to use a hoop.

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Embroidered Straw Clutch

This summer I've wanted to add a personalized touch to pretty much everything, including this inexpensive straw clutch. I added black flower outlines and pink frilled accents. 

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Easy 3D Gift Wrap

It's always sweet to receive a gift so here's a quick and easy way that you can wrap up a gift. You can leave the paper plain or decorate it in any number of ways. Plus, you could upcycle paper from a newspaper, magazine, or a paper bag. 

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