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Let's Make a Spin and Tonic

It's been a while since we've shared a Happy Hour drink and since NYC is headed for a heat wave, it seemed time to share the most refreshing thing we could: a frozen gin and tonic.

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Lets Make Piña Coladas

Are you having this dream too? Where you fly away to a place with warm sandy beaches, soft ocean waves, palms giving perfect shade and a blended cocktail with all the toppings??? Yeah, but since we’re stuck in New York for a while longer, we’re mixing up Piña Coladas for this week’s happy hour!

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Let's Make a Summer Smash

Can you believe that we’ve made it to another edition of happy hour? Or that it is right before Memorial Day and the unofficial start of summer?? We’re going to make a super refreshing drink, perfect for a hot summer day. A smash cocktail can easily be adapted to whatever you like. For ours, we’re going to use some very ripe strawberries, fresh ground pepper, and gin. 

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Let's Make a Big City Cat

Today we are making a big city cat — a favorite in our household. A Big City Cat is, in short, a Manhattan, but using Tom Cat Gin. The story goes that in 18th century England as gin consumption was being curbed, there were cat plaques or Old Toms that were mounted outside of pubs to signal that gin was served there or some, you put a coin into the slot under the paw and a shot a gin would be dispensed by a bartender.

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