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Pins and Beetles 3D Printed Pins
Pins and Beetles 3D Printed Pins
This is a close up of someone wearing a brown wool coat with a straight cowl neck. You can see a person smiling and holding up part of the coat to show a set of three R+D 3D printed pins. These three pins are each shaped as beetles with gold legs, rich colors of greens, merlot red, purples, and blues.
Shown in bright direct sunlight on a floral pattered scarf are three 3D printed R+D pins. They are shaped as three different beetles with gold legs and white details. They are otherwise in very bright colors: pinks, blues, and purples.

Pins and Beetles 3D Printed Pins

Don't be scarab of these little beetles

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Choose between brights or bolds for this set of three pins. These beetles are less gross and more gorj, giving a perfect accent to coats, scarves, or blazers. 

Each pin has a brass back with a locking butterfly clasp. All three pins are 1 inch wide and between an inch and an inch and a half tall.