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Hanging off of a bright yellow earring card are two striking red lobster earrings. The larger crusher claw is designed to look like it is pinching around the earlobe when being worn.
A baby blue background is covered part way with mounds of crisp tan sand. Laying on top are two R+D earrings that are shaped like lobsters. They are bright red and the larger crusher claw is where the stud wraps around the earlobe.
In the far background is a checkered white and red tablecloth from a classic picnic setting. In the foreground are two cobs of corn that are partially shucked. Resting on those cobs are two 3D printed earrings that are shaped like lobsters. They are bright red.
Shown on a bed of sand are two 3D printed R+D earrings. The earrings are bright red and shaped like lobsters. The larger crusher claw on the lobster wraps around the earlobe when being worn.

Great In A Pinch 3D Printed Earrings

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It's time to get crackin'!

These lobster 3D printed earrings will be the accessory that takes you from the backyard gathering to the road trip all the way to weekend excursion. They are front back earrings: the crusher claw includes the stud and back so that when being worn, they will appear to be holding on to your earlobe.

The earring is an inch wide and two and a half inches long.