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Mystery Item!

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Mystery Item!
Mystery Item!

These mystery items can be any R+D product. We put test prints and demo prints into each envelope to bring fun mysteries to your day. 

While there are clues as to what is inside printed on each, we will choose one at random for you. 

Inside, your mystery item will be between a business card and a card about how our products are made, making for an easy and fun gift to someone. 

How it's made:

3D printing is a process for forming physical objects from a computer generated model. This method of additive manufacturing is done by successively adding material layer by layer.

The material we use is PLA or polylactic acid. PLA is a biodegradable and bioactive polyester that derives from renewable resources, such as corn starch, cassava roots, or sugarcane.

There are numerous possibilities for 3D printing, including prosthetics, machinery, medical models. At R+D we like to make designs with an eye towards fun kitsch.

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