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On a white background are three rings side by side. They are each  have a hexagonal shaped charm on the front of the band. The first is a smooth hexagon, the second a faceted hexagon, and the third a bumpy geode. They are cast from recycled 3D prints in red, yellow, orange, hot pink, and white.
On bright green leaves is a ring with a cast charm resting. The ring is in the shape of a monstera leaf. It is cast from recycled plant based 3D prints in light pink, hot pink, white, red, yellow, and orange.
A hand is pulling back a white curtain to reveal a bright outside. On their pinky finger there is a ring with a heart charm. The charm has a smooth surface and is cast from recycled 3D prints in pinks, oranges, reds, yellows, and whites.
Resting on white painted bricks is a ring that is cast in the shape of a faceted square. The ring is cast from recycled plant based 3D prints. in pinks, reds, yellows, oranges, and white. The colors are mixed together to give a speckled or marbleized appearance.
Shown on a person's ring finger and in front of a white background, there is a ring with a cast charm on a thin twisted band. The charm is cast from recycled 3D prints in shades of pinks, yellow, orange, and white. It has the look of granite or marble.
In the center of a paper anemone flower is a butterlfy ring. The ring is cast from recycled 3D prints in shades of pink, purple, yellow, orange, and white. It has the appearance of granite or marble.
On a white background is a white ceramic ring holder with three cast rings on it. The rings all have a circular shape: one is a bumpy geode, another is a faceted circle, and finally one is a smooth circle. The rings are cast from recycled 3D prints in warm colors like shades of pink, purples, yellow, orange, red and white. They have the appearance of marble or granite.
On painted white bricks is a white ring holder with two cast rings on it. One ring is shaped like a moon, the other a star. They are cast from recycled 3D printed pieces in various warm and pink hues.
There is a hand on a white background wearing a cast ring in the shape of a square. The ring is cast from recycled 3D prints in warm hues of pink, yellow, white, red, orange and purple. It has the effect of granite or a speckled egg.
This is an image of the ring shapes and their corresponding names. These rings are cast in 13 shapes from recycled 3D prints.

I Pink I Love You Cast Ring

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Isn't that what life is made of?

These rings come in 13 shapes cast from a mix of our light pink, hot pink, orange, red, and white filaments, giving a look of sunsets or terrazzo. Each shape is between 9 and 15 mm at its widest. 

Each ring is one of a kind and has a unique variation of the colors. The band is made from twisted stainless steel. 

How these are made: I intentionally choose to print all of our designs in plant based PLA, but when the pandemic began the composting program that took our scraps to a commercial facility paused and has yet to be restarted. I've held onto all my scraps, failed prints, and prototypes and started to look for new ways to use these materials. After many trials, I figured out the best ways to cast all of these pieces into a mold and add a thin band for wearing. Each piece gets a final flame polish before it is ready for you to enjoy. 

How It's Made

3D printing is a process for forming physical objects from a computer generated model. This method of additive manufacturing is done by successively adding material layer by layer.

The material we use is PLA or polylactic acid. PLA is a biodegradable and bioactive polyester that derives from renewable resources, such as corn starch, cassava roots, or sugarcane.

Because it is made from things that grow, after a long enjoyed life, every piece we print can be broken down again in a commercial composting facility.

Materials and Allergy Info

We have sensitive skin too and want as many people as possible to be able to enjoy what we make. We avoid using the most common skin irritants in the finishings of our jewelry.

We only use nickel-free pieces to complete our jewelry. Our most used earring hook is silver plated and hypoallergenic. Our studs are all stainless steel. Our chains are all stainless steel or plated steel.

Reviews are in!

"People complement me on my earrings all the time! I love telling people that they are made from plants!"

"Extremely lightweight: as a nurse I can wear them all day and forget I have them on."

"Obsessed doesn't begin to describe these... I absolutely LOVE them."