R+D is where sustainability meets fun

We make bold and quirky jewelry and cozy home goods made from eco friendly materials.

Hey Mister, She's My Sister

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  • We're 100% woman owned and operate in New York City.

  • We're committed to using only sustainable materials in what we make. And we don't think you should pay more because of that.

  • We take our commitments seriously, but also like to have a lot of fun, especially with puns.

  • We want you to be able to find something that brightens your day, makes you feel unstoppable, or inspires thinking differently about sustainability and manufacturing.

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  • Kitsch, Please

    Bold, quirky, and colorful 3D printed jewelry at an accessible price point. We have styles for everyone: minimalist dangles, simple studs, and big bright statements.

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  • Hyggelig Ever After

    Hygge (Hoo-gə) is coziness, contentment, joy. Hyggelig Ever After helps you to create comfort in your home with pieces that remind you of the places with a hold on you'd heart.

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  • Affordable and Sustainable

    R+D is centered around digital fabrication using sustainable resources. All of our Kitsch, Please jewelry is 3D printed using a plant based polymer. For our Hyggelig Ever After line of laser cut home goods, we only use bamboo, a fast growing grass.

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