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Two bright blue earrings hanging from a recyclable earring card. The earrings are shaped like iconic to-go cups from NYC bodegas. They look like a classic Greek cup that would read we are happy to serve you.
Two bright blue earrings that are shaped like iconic Greek to-go coffee cups in New York City. The NYC bodega cups are next to a heart formed from coffee grounds.
Two earrings that are made of a plant based plastic. They are in the shape of to-go coffee cups: The iconic ones from Greek diners or NYC bodegas with swirling borders and a big panel in the center. These earrings are resting on a paper that is stained with coffee rings overlapping one another.
There is a white felt letter board with black letters reading, I want some cawffee and two earrings hanging below the words. The earrings look like classic Greek to-go coffee cups from New York City diners and bodegas. To the side of the letter board and earrings is a pint glass filled with milk and iced coffee from Fish's Eddy. It reads , Iced Cawffee in scripted lettering.

AM New York 3D Printed Earrings

Just brew it!

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Let these iconic cups dangle from your ears! 

These 3D printed coffee cup earrings make a great gift for any coffee lover. They are lightweight made from a plant based material.

Each earring is just over an inch wide and an 1.5 inches tall.