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R+D (est. 2017) is named after Rebekah and Doug (est. 2006).

R is the shop manager, designer, and printer. She has worked as a graphic designer and sold printed tea towels previously on Etsy. The first brand, Kitsch, Please, launched in 2017 when D was gifted an inexpensive 3D printer. R started to learn more about how to design for it and began creating jewlery. It moved quickly from there. Kitsch, Please is bold and colorful 3D printed jewelry at an accessible price point. Designs range from minimalist dangles and local landmarks, to cut outs of Beyoncé from her 'Single Ladies' video and flamingos that turn pink in direct sunlight. 

The second brand, Hyggelig Ever After, launched in 2019, are laser cut ornaments and wall hangings featuring local landmarks. Designed in NYC and made of bamboo, each piece can be painted or left plain. They will offer a cozy addition to any home and remind you of the places that have a hold on your heart. 

Our focus is to create fun and innovative products for your wardrobe and your home utilizing digital manufacturing and renewable resources--Kitsch, Please uses a biodegradable polymer and Hyggelig Ever After is made from bamboo.

R also teaches a range of classes with CraftJam and is the Marketing Director of the NY Handmade Collective

R and D have lived in Sunnyside, NYC for over a decade after falling in love with the area and the surrounding neighborhoods. Western Queens also has a lot of opportunities for small businesses and residents who are committed to supporting them. 

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