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Rebekah Thornhill of R+D
Hi! I’m Rebekah Thornhill, the maker and designer behind R+D. Everything I do here is centered around digital fabrication using sustainable materials. R+D was established in 2017 and is named after myself and my spouse, Doug (established 2006). Admittedly, Doug had at least a decade-long campaign for a 3D printer in our home. It wasn’t until he texted me saying he was just gifted one that I finally agreed and started tinkering with it myself. At first I chalked it up to a way to keep developing my graphic design skills and maybe sell some things on the side. Within a month, I fully established my business. Within six months, I bought and built my second printer. I haven’t slowed down in the years that have followed with about seven printers, two product lines, and hundreds of designs.
R+D is eco-friendly and Sustainable jewelry and home goods.
Often people start their 3D printing journey with PLA or Polylactic Acid filament because it prints at lower temperatures and can be easier to work with. But when I found out that it is also plant based and renewable, I didn’t see any reason to ever move on to another material. Everything started to happen with sustainability in mind. When I started offering laser cut home goods, fast growing bamboo and compostable bamboo made the most sense. I am constantly looking for more ways to incorporate eco-friendly options into R+D: I use recycled paper and even recycle scraps myself. I offset the emissions from every order I ship. I try to live an eco-friendly lifestyle and advocate for others to think about how they can incorporate sustainable options into their daily lives.
R+D is handmade in nyc.
R+D is where sustainability meets fun: You’ll find eco-friendly options that are unique, quirky, and affordable. Our home goods will help you create cozy corners in your home. Our jewelry is lightweight and easy to wear making it so you can conquer your day with a style all your own. Everything is designed with attention to the finest of details so you’ll have a piece to love and wear for years to come. But if the time comes when you are finished with a piece, they’ll all break down quickly (3 to 6 months) in commercial composting facilities.
R+D is committed to community activities and advocacy.
My commitment to sustainability is a commitment to the community. I will often advocate for supporting small businesses and have previously served on the board of the NY Handmade Collective. I am a member there as well as with Made in NYC and MiQ, all non-profits that look to support and provide opportunities for small businesses. I also teach a wide range of craft based workshops through CraftJam where people can build community and connections while crafting.

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