One for you, and one for me...

We've got a big selection at R+D to choose from and that means that you can always find perfectly subtle friendship pieces for you and your BFF to have.


Who's your ride or die? The Thelma to your Louise? Remind them with Beat of Your Own Custom 3D Printed Earrings.


Friends can really complete us and show us so much love. That's why You Spin Me Right 3D Printed Rings are a perfect piece: Buy multiples for you and your friends to mix and match the colors, or simply split the two halves among two friends.


Sometimes friends just fit together, like the hearts in our Mom-mento 3D Printed Necklaces.


Friends are the sweetest. Complement each other with Sweet on the Inside 3D Printed Earrings in white and yellow.


If you're going to hold on to spare keys and be ready for the random text that you've locked yourself out, do it with style. Get this Uteruses Before Duderuses 3D Printed Keychain.

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