Four Leaf Clover Boxes for St. Patrick's Day

Growing up Irish, we had a few traditions around St. Patrick's Day including that a family leprechaun would leave us shiny coins and gum on the morning of March 17. Make these little boxes for a sweet treat to share some luck out of cardstock or choose to upcycle cereal boxes or similar household objects. 

First, download and print this free template. Cut it out along the darker grey lines. 

Fold it along the light grey lines. Use a ruler to get a straight fold and even use the edge of your scissors for a crisp fold. 

The next step is optional: you may want to color part of your clover leaves. I used a watercolor pencil that I then went over lightly with a brush and water. This helps add a little depth while also hiding that darker grey cut line. Use whatever your might have for this step (paint, markers, etc...) or skip it altogether. 

Add glue to each of your tabs so that they can be tucked in and secure the assembled box. Fold the bottom up (the piece with the R+D logo) and the sides around to make the cube shape. 

Now it is time to fill your boxes! I used the scrap paper from cutting out my boxes to make a little paper filler. First fold pieces of paper over and under to make an accordion fold. Next, use scissors to cut strips of this. I have a pair of scissors meant to shred paper that help make this a faster process. 

Add this filler to your boxes, sweet golden treats, and lucky little gifts. We added Get the Luck Out 3D Printed Necklace to one and My Life Is Clover 3D Printed Pins to the other. Fold down each flap of the top with the last one tucking underneath to secure the top and show the four leaf clover. 

Enjoy sharing these lucky little packages! 


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Cute!! Love how simple these are! 🍀


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