Uncomplicate that celebration and make it extra fun!

Nothing against an ugly sweater party (we are obviously are on board), but sometimes you want more than the same 'ol party tricks. We've got a few ideas for you to create a simple celebration with lots of ease. That way you'll be able to really enjoy the time you have with the people you're with. You might even like it so much that you create a new tradition! 

Dashing Through Merlot

This would be a perfect casual gathering among your squad: Make a wine stocking, fill it with merlot, and ask every attendee to wear their best deep reds. Shop everything merlot from R+D here and get ready to dish with your friends. Some may go high, but you'll go merlot.

Let's Hang Out

You could do a more traditional ornament swap with your guests or you could make it a little more of a challenging game. Collect all of your ornaments (or even ask guests to bring one) and leave them in an easy location while everyone walks around and mingles. Challenge guests to add an ornament to the tree without anyone else noticing. People can get creative in how they distact everyone with stories and diversions. Keep a scorecard with everyone's name: Each time an ornament is added, that person wins a point. But, if caught adding an ornament, the person who noticed first wins the point.

A Good Snowman is Hard to Find

This makes for a fun night wandering around your neighborhood or town playing a holiday edition of bingo, but takes a little planning B4 everyone meets up. In advance ask everyone to suggest a short list of specific holiday decorations like inflatable santa, icicle lights, wreath on a door, and so on. Adding in harder to find items if you're up for the challenge, or keep it simple for kids. Use an online bingo card generator to create cards. You can print them or share the images for people to use on smartphones. Now everyone is ready to wander the neighborhood or bar hop to try and get bingo first. Make sure you have a prize: We like the idea of our Spot On 3D Printed Earrings for the winner that covers the most spots!

Burst Your Bubbly

Lots of people have specific plans for New Years Eve, so gather those hard to get friends before December 31st. Bring lots of Champagne, get Ring in the New Year 3D Printed Rings or Sip Sip Hooray 3D Printed Earrings, and toast to all the things that we're a bit of a bust in the past year. Everyone is a wine-r with this one.

Get Carol-ed Away

Ever since Love Actually came out, poster boards and carol singers have captured most people's hearts and immaginations. So grab that boombox from the closet, a cassette tape of carols, paper and markers; write out a greeting specific to a friend and surprise them on their doorstep by recreating this scene. They don't always have to serious or professing your love; I mean, raccoons actually are all around.


Enjoy and don't forget to invite us!

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