A Little Gift and Take


Sure you never want to come empty handed to a party and it is always great to bring something that can immediately be shared, but why not throw in something for the host that can be kept all for themselves! Here are some of our ideas for picking out a perfect host gift for every holiday celebration you attend!  


Gin is always a welcome addition in our home. Contribute to the holiday spirits by adding in a Gin-gle Bells 3D Printed Ornament.


A big bouquet of roses are sure to please, but including Thorn to be Wild 3D Printed Earrings will make sure there are blooms without any fertilizer needed.


Grab a six pack of beer and include the Craft-y 3D Printed Pin. Plus, you'll ready to recite the primary ingredients of beer.

Cakes make a celebration, so maybe eat and celebrate more? Slice up a piece and remind people what to do with our Eat More Cake 3D Printed Pin.
Did you hone your banana bread skills to such a point that you're always asked to bring them? Add in I Peel Good 3D Printed Earrings to ensure a sweet taste is left with the host.
And no matter what you bring, pairing it with a sweet ornament or a even a wall hanging that can be for anytime of year is sure to win.


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