Hearts and Crafts: Make a surprise gift for Valentine's

Have you been shot by cupid's bow? Here's a unique way to wrap up a special gift or treat for someone. It is easily customized with the colors you use and what you write or print on it. All great options in case cupid hit you with the snarky stick... You can also make multiples to create a centerpiece or even make it into a game (Add lots of names and have everyone choose a celebity crush. Or add snarky sayings). They also can double as seating markers for a gathering. 

Gather all your supplies: Use this template (or create your own to go bigger) to cut out two hearts of the same size, a banner, and each end of the arrow in the colors of your choosing. Gather all the items you want to put inside and make sure they fit within the footprint of your heart with at least an inch or two clearance. Have a few binder clips on hand to hold it together.

Crumpling and smoothing the paper hearts

Prep all your pieces: To make your paper more flexible, carefully crumple and smooth the pieces of your heart. You can skip this step if you'd like, but this will help it to be a more 3 dimensional item. Add any writing to the banner (in case you didn't add words or names before printing).

Stacking the paper and adding binder clips to keep everything together.

Lay out all of your paper, inserting the arrow, and leaving the banner across the front. Use your binder clips to keep everything in the right place.

Sewing around the edge of the heart

Sew around your edge: Use a simple straight stitch sew around the edge of the heart, removing clips as you go. I flipped it over so that it was easy to see the edge of the heart. I also chose to start at the bottom point of the heart, so that once all the pieces were sewn in place, we'd still have a space to slip in all the treats before finishing up the seam. To do that, leave your needle down, and if needed, lift the foot to get a better angle. Finish up that seam once the treats are inside.

Adding an R+D bracelet to the heart

I added chocolates and a 3D printed love bracelet to each one. 

Multiple surprise hearts from R+D

Now you're ready to keep making more or give this one away! You can vary the sizes or sew in a piece of string at the top to make them easily hung. When ready to be opened, the recipient simply gets to tear it open to release the surprises!

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