R+D is Five!

We're so excited to celebrate 5 years in business! It's time to celebrate and we want to do it with you! 

For 5 days starting October 1, we'll be announcing a new discount code on our social media. Each one will last through October 5; They can't be combined, but you can use any of them to get the best discount. Don't forget to check in for each code!  

In the meantime some of our favorite memories from the past 5 years:

1. Our very first post on Instagram... 🐣⁠

2. Our first year for the Union Square Holiday Market🎄

(we'll be back again this year!) ⁠

3. The first time I built a 3D printer 😬

I've built another since and done major upgrades to most of the seven printers here!⁠

4. Our first (and last) World Maker Faire.

We miss this event and reminisce about it often! 🤖⁠

5. And of course, there would be no R+D without the immense support of you all.

It's felt deeply in our own neighborhood of Sunnyside, but it definitely reaches out throughout the globe! 🌎⁠

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