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Two earrings shaped as ice cream cones; the top is a pink swirled shape like soft serve and the bottom is orange like a sugar cone.
Two quirky earrings are hanging off of an empty bowl and next to a ice cream scoop. The earrings are made of a plant based polymer and have pink swirled soft serve on top of an orange sugar cone.
Two ice cream cone shaped earrings are perched between slats of a wooden bench. The top is pink and looks like soft serve swirled into a orange sugar cone. In the background, you can see a park with people enjoying the sun and the Manhattan skyline.
Two ice cream cone earrings are laying on a wooden cutting board next to a spoon piled with ice cream. The earrings have pink tops swirled like soft serve and orange bottoms that look like a sugar cone.

A Midsummer Ice Cream 3D Printed Earrings

I have had a most rare vision... of sweet treats.

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It's in-cone-ceivable how you've managed to get through summer without these.

These plant based 3D printed ice cream earrings are lightweight and a great conversation starter. Give them as a gift to the person you know who loves ice cream more that anyone else!

Each earring is 1 inch wide and 2 inches tall.