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A sustainably packaged pin that looks like a soft-serve ice cream cone.  The top is a solid pin swirl with a orange sugar cone hanging below.
A plant based 3D Printed pin shaped like an ice cream cone is in the foreground. It has a pink swirled soft serve top and an orange sugar cone base. In the background is a ice cream sundae in a waffle cone bowl with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, sprinkles, and a bright red cherry on top. An ice cream scoop rests next to it all.
Three plant-based 3D printed pins on a white denim jacked. One is shaped like a ice cream cone with a solid pink ice cream swirl above an orange sugar cone. Above these are a black and white geometric panda pin. There is also a tea cup shaped pin that shows as purple and a opaque white color. It has the words "I have no chill" written on it in the opaque white. In direct sunlight, this will turn bright hot pink.
In the foreground is a sustainable ice cream pin that was 3D printed. The top of it is pink and looks like soft serve ice cream swirled into a peak. Below is an orange cone that looks like a classic sugar cone. In the background there is a waffle cone bowl holding an ice cream sundae with vanilla ice cream, rainbow sprinkles, chocolate sauce and topped with a bright red cherry.

A Midsummer Ice Cream 3D Printed Pin

You'll scream for this pin.

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This plant based, 3D printed ice cream pin makes a great gift and fun conversation starter. It'll be a great addition to your back pack, denim jacket, or tote bag. 

Each pin is 1 inch wide and just over 2 inches tall with a brass post. The cone dangles and will move around gently.