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Shown on cream paper packaging, this 3D printed necklace has vines that twist to leaves in a elegant way. They are printed in a sustainable olive green filament with a black tulle fabric embedded.
This shows a woman wearing a statement necklace and a satin black strapless dress. The necklace is olive green vines and leaves that twist into an elegant v shape. The piece is 3D Printed with sustainable plant based filament. It is olive green and embedded with a black tulle fabric so that there is a gap between the leaves and it almost has the effect of floating across one's collar bones.

Are You Gonna Grow My Way 3D Printed Necklace

Plant puns are so grown worthy.

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A delicate look for a big statement evening.

This 3D printed necklace makes a statement when being worn. It is a lightweight statement piece with tulle embedded into the print, giving the effect of a floating necklace.

The vines are 5 inches wide, 5.25 inches tall. It is on a 15 inch adjustable chain.