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Hanging off of a bright blue earring card are two earrings. They are white and show a delicate wing of a dragonfly or insect with all the veins.
In the background is a wall covered in lush green vines. In the forefront are two white wing earrings. The earrings look like dragonfly or insect wings that have all of the veins visible.
Hanging off of a small glass are two earrings that are shaped like dragonfly or insect wings. They are white and show all of the wing's veins. The glass has the logo of Fifth Hammer Brewery and is half full with a golden colored beer.

Winging It 3D Printed Earrings

These simple wings will look so fly on you.

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These 3D printed earrings are shaped like the wings of a dragonfly or another insect. They will give a delicate accent to any outfit. They are lightweight and slightly flexible.

The earring is .75 inches wide and 2 inches tall.