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Hanging off of a golden yellow earring card are two monkeys that are shaped like the classic barrel of monkey game. They are bright red with long curvy arms. The body is horizontal to how they hang so it looks like the monkeys are actively swinging and swaying through the trees.
In the foreground is a bright red monkey earring. It is shaped like the classic barrel of monkeys toy where the monkeys have long twisting arms, a big smile, and a body that is horizontal when it is hanging so it looks like the monkey is actively swinging through the trees. In front of a white brick background, you can see other monkeys that are hanging down off of each other as though someone were playing the original game with these earrings.

Barrel of Fun 3D Printed Earrings

Hanging around you will always be fun with these.

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These 3D printed monkey earrings are a great touch of nostalgia. They are lightweight and quirky. When they dangle from your ear, they are sure to bring a smile!

Each earring is 1.5 inches wide and just over 2 inches tall.