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On a dark blue card is a 3D printed pin. It is the shape of a  paper back book. IThe books light purple, with white pages and has details outlined in black. On the cover, it reads, Take me away in a scripted cursive font.
Resting in the spine of a book and resting on a purple beach tile is a 3D printed pin from R+D. The pin looks like a paperback book with white pages and a light purple spine. Details on the book are accentuated with black eco friendly filament. On the cover, it reads, take me away in a cursive script.
There is a close up of a cotton tote bag with a blue and white shibori pattern. Spilling out of the bag are a couple of paperback books suitable for reading on the beach. Attached to the tote bag is a 3D printed pin shaped like a floppy well read book. The pin is light purple with white pages and black details. On the cover ar scripted cursive words that say take me away.
Resting on a bright green beach towel is an open paperback book. In the spine is a small 3D printed pin from R+D. The pin is light purple and shaped like a floppy paper back book. There are white pages and black scripted letters that say, take me away.

Booked My Summer Vacay 3D Printed Pin

You won't need Calgon to take you away with a good summer read.

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This pin is perfect for anyone who wants to remain booked all summer. It's a cute pin for your summer tote bag that you use to carry your books and essentials to your lounge chair.

This pin is an inch wide and 1.25 inches tall.