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Hyggelig Ever After

Cozy Up In Sunnyside

Cozy Up In Sunnyside

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Sunnyside, Queens includes one of the first intentional communities in the United States; characterized by small gardens, row houses, and all the charm you could ever want. Today it is a vibrant enclave of NYC with diverse restaurants, activities, and this art deco sign. 

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  • Bamboo


Height: 4.375 in

Width: 4 in

What's Included

  • Ribbon for Hanging
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  • Hyggelig Ever After

    Hygge (HOO-gə) is coziness, contentment, joy. Hyggelig Ever After helps create comfort in your home with pieces that remind you of all the places that have a hold on your heart. 

    Each piece can be left with the natural bamboo showing, treated with mineral oil, or brought to life like a paint by number canvas.

  • Reviews are in!

    "I was so surprised to see a landmark from near where I grew up in Glendale, Queens! I couldn't resist!"

    "I love mine! I moved away from Sunnyside years ago and appreciate any little reminder of my time there!"

    "I got these paintable ornaments for the kids in my family--all the adults got time to relax while the kids painted. Plus, each family had a keepsake from that year."

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