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On a orange earring tag are two small and detailed  R+D studs. They are  shaped as sunflowers with black centers and bright yellow petals all around.
In the center of a large and bright sunflower are two 3D printed R+D studs. They are shaped like sunflowers as well and have black centers with bright yellow petals.
A hand is barely visible holding up a sunflower that has opened up. Sitting in the center of the flower are two R+D studs. They are shaped like sunflower blooms with black centers and detailed yellow petals all around the center.

Here Comes the Sun Flower 3D Printed Earrings

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These earrings are all right for anyone. 3D printed with small petal details, these stud earrings are durable and easy to wear. They're a great reminder to look on the sunny side and to grow tall.

These studs are a mere .38 inches wide.