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On a bright blue earring card that is the same color as the Chiquita Banana stickers, hang two R+D 3D Printed earrings. They are asymmetrical styles, but both bananas. One is a bright unpeeled, yellow  banana and the other has the skin pulled down to reveal a white banana.
In the background there is a box of cereal, a bright yellow bowl, and a ripe banana. In the front there is a orange cloth napkin with a spoon resting on it. On the handle of the spoon are two R+D earrings. They are mismatched. One is a yellow banana that has been peeled down to reveal the white fruit. The other is a unpeeled yellow banana.
On an orange cloth napkin there is a banana that is partially peeled open. Hanging off of the peel is an R+D earring that is also a half peeled banana. It is yellow and reveals a white banana. Resting on another peel is a second R+D earring that is the shape of an unpeeled banana.
With a banana and a bowl in the background, there is a spoon resting on an orange napkin. on the handle of the spoon are two R+D banana earrings. They are asymmetrical, one is an unpeeled banana and the other is a half peeled banana. They are yellow and white.
Resting on a orange cloth napkin is a half peeled ripe banana. Two R+D earrings are hanging off of the peel. One is an unopened, unpeeled yellow banana. The other is a half peeled banana that reveals a white banana inside.
On an orange cloth napkin there is a ripe banana that is halfway peeled. Next to it are two R+D 3D printed earrings. One is a half peeled yellow banana that reveals a white banana. The other is a fully unpeeled banana.

I Peel Good 3D Printed Earrings

...and I knew that I would!

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Go bananas! Anyone is sure to find these earring ap-peel-ing. They are asymmetrical in their design with one earring being peeled open and ready for a bite. They are lightweight and durable. Not only do they look like something that grows, they are made from a plant based material. 

These bananas are both an inch tall and the peeled banana is an inch and a half wide.