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Shown with a transparent background is a dark green adjustable bracelet. Hanging off of the natural fiber cord is a 3D printed charm shaped like a lightning bolt. It is black and made from a eco friendly filament.
There is a black owl with gold eyes and a book opened so you can read, chapter one, the boy who lived. Hanging off the cover of the book is an adjustable bracelet that has a dark green and all natural cord. There is a charm shaped like a lightning bolt that is 3D printed in a black plant based material.

Rebounded 3D Printed Bracelet

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Rebounded spells leave a mark...

This adjustable bracelet is a simple statement for showing who your favorite wizard is or as a delightful accent to any outfit. The cord is made of organic hemp and will get softer as you wear it. The adjustable knots make it the perfect size for any wrist or ankle.