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Reaching into the frame is a hand with a 3D printed ring on the pointer finger. It is a very small and delicate ring that reads Happy New Year. It looks like the paper crowns people wear on New Years Eve. The hand is reaching for a glass of champagne and a colorful noisemaker and black confetti are resting nearby.
Laying across a light pink paper tablecloth is a party scene -- there is black confetti, two colorful noise makers, and a glass of champagne. Laying on top are three R+D party packs. These are shown closed and are white envelopes with a label across the opening. The label tells you that there are 10 New Year's Eve rings inside of varying colors and sizes.

Ring in the New Year 3D Printed Ring

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We've been making these rings since 2017 as a fun stacking ring.

These rings can stack and are the sweetest little accessory to bring in the new year. They are lightweight and will stand up to general wear and tear for as long as you decide to wear them, hopefully year after year.

See how we used them in our DIY New Year's Eve in a Box.

Choose the Party Pack and you'll get a pre-packaged mix of sizes and colors for a discount! The Party Pack includes 10 individual Happy New Year rings. 

These 3D printed rings make great gifts--they can be mailed to everyone you'll be celebrating with from a far. Or make sweet favors for those you'll celebrate with nearby.