A Perfectly Personalized Holiday

Some people will always be incredibly hard to shop for and thats where personalization comes in! Get that custom gift that is thoughtfully unique and will be an unparalleled gift to receive.


Going Down Swinging

Personalize this with every sibling's name, a special date, or even words of intention. Choose the colors of each pendant to make this a perfect wardrobe staple. 


Signature Piece

Keep memories close with an everyday piece featuring someone's handwriting. It can be anything from a sign off in a card or letter, a note jotted in the margin, or something scrawled on the back of a photograph.


Some Like it Jot

You get to chose the word or phrase for this necklace: Chose something that will bolster someone's confidence, remind them of their best attributes, or even make them smile from an inside joke.


Wear Your Doodles

Take those drawings off the fridge and make them long lasting memories. This is perfect for capturing a particular time and place for a grandparent or parent.


See our whole personalized collection here and don't forget to get your order in early! See all of our holiday deadlines here.


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